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If the kitchen doesn’t turn around: 19 very practical storage ideas for a small and cramped room


A cluttered interior in a tiny kitchen is unrealistically annoying! Not only is the place physically small, so there is also visually a lack of space. And it seems that in this situation, nothing (except for expanding the living space) can be done, and this step is far from affordable for everyone.

Fortunately, there are many cool chips that will help to cope with the order in the kitchen, will make its interior comfortable and neat.

1. Knives on magnets under the wall cabinet

Knives on magnets under the wall cabinet.

Standard stand for knives in a small kitchen - an extra object, visually littering the space. To get rid of it, hide the knives and organize their storage, use magnetic tapes. Fasten several of these tapes under the wall cabinet. Storage system for knives ready!

2. Rational use of corners

Rational use of corners.

In a tiny kitchen every corner has to be useful. There are several ways to take corners: install a sink, make a corner set to order, put a soft sofa for the dining area. Ultimately, install several open shelves and put jars with spices on them so that they are always at hand.

Corner kitchen.

3. Suspended microwave

Suspended microwave.

A microwave oven is not a particularly large piece of household appliances, but in a small kitchen, even it seems gigantic. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a harmonious place for it, where it would not interfere, would not occupy the working surface and visually fit into the space. To solve this problem will help bracket for the microwave.

4. Microwave in the closet

Microwave in the closet.

Another interesting and practical solution is to hide the microwave in a kitchen cabinet and cabinet. This option is only relevant if you have enough storage systems in the kitchen.

Folding dining table.

Often, the dining area is located right in the kitchen, but it is sometimes extremely difficult to place it in a tiny area. Even in such a situation there is a way out - a folding dining table, which is fixed with one hand movement, and if necessary it folds up and does not interfere with moving around the kitchen.

6. Compact withdrawable spice section

Compact withdrawable section for spices.

Every hostess wants all the tools needed for cooking to be on hand. To do this, just need to equip the kitchen with several convenient storage systems. For example, embed a rollout section into one of the lower cabinets. Place spices, cutting boards or baking dishes in it.

7. The space above the cupboards

The space above the cupboards.

Use wisely every inch of your baby, then you will be comfortable in it. Do not ignore the space above kitchen cabinets, if any. There you can put a few wicker or plastic baskets with kitchen utensils that you rarely use. So you unload other storage systems and convert to empty space.

8. The space above the kitchen stove

The space above the kitchen stove.

Usually there is an exhaust hood over the stove, but as practice shows, even here there is a place for practical use. Look at how functionally you can equip this small piece, and also make additional storage for pans and pots.

9. Place over the fridge

Place over the fridge.

Organize an extra storage locker above the fridge. This place is rarely used when it comes to the rational use of space. But the cupboards in the kitchen are never superfluous.

10. Multifunctional storage board for kitchen utensils

Multifunctional storage board for kitchen utensils.

The plywood board for storage looks very modern and stylish in the interior of a small kitchen. You can find this in shops selling original organizers, for example, at IKEA or browse the internet. On such a board will fit a lot of items needed in everyday life every day.

11. Holders for covers

Holders for covers.

It is a lot of trouble for hostesses to be given covers from pots and pans. They are usually many, they fall out of the closet and occupy a precious place in it. Therefore, it is advisable to come up with individual holders for them, it is easy to fix them on the cabinet door from the inside.

12. Magnetic holders of cans with bulk and spices.

Magnetic holders of cans with bulk and spices.

Cool idea for the smallest spaces! For its implementation will require self-adhesive magnetic tape. Today, these can be found even in the usual homeware store. Just a few manipulations and the storage system for spices is ready.

13. Folding window sill, as a dining area and an additional work surface.

Folding window sill, as a dining area and an additional work surface.

The window sill in the kitchen can not stand empty. It will definitely be used for practical purposes. By the way, instead of the standard window sill, you can install a folding tabletop. First, you will free up space for moving around the kitchen without obstacles, and also organize a dining area in a small area. One shot - just two birds with one stone!

14. Storage system in the form of an elongated stack

Storage system in the form of an elongated stack.

In any kitchen there are gaps between the furniture, they are usually so narrow, uncomfortable and completely impractical. Many do not know how to use them, but sometimes there is no need to do without special organizers. For example, you can put an elongated high shelf in such a slot, it is convenient to store various kitchen utensils on it, which should always be at hand. Well, if it is equipped with wheels, to make it easier to move it around the room.

15. Stylish metal holders

Stylish metal holders.

This idea is not new, but always working, and in kitchens with different areas. Rails, metal baskets, wall holders, magnetic tapes - all these tools can make your kitchen more comfortable.

16. Useful use of useless space

Useful use of useless space.

Another option is to use the space between the furniture in the kitchen. Being the owner of a small kitchen means being in constant search for convenient solutions. Sometimes interesting pieces of furniture come across in the most unexpected places, for example, in stores like everything for home. Often there are selling narrow cabinets with sliding sections. Simple and convenient to use. Be sure to pay attention when next time you pass by such a market.

17. Small but very roomy kitchen island

Small, but very roomy kitchen island.

If the kitchen area allows, put a kitchen island on it. Choose a compact model and be sure to have extra drawers, shelves and storage cells. And some models are also equipped with built-in appliances, for example, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave.

18. Mobile kitchen island + bottom cabinet

Mobile kitchen island + bottom cabinet.

You can purchase or custom-made kitchen island on wheels and hide it under the table or use it instead of one of the lower cabinets. It will become an additional work surface.

19. Roll-out table that hides behind three bills.

Another mobile piece of furniture that will simply become indispensable in a small kitchen is a rolling out table. Use it as a work surface and as a dining table, and when you do not need it, just roll it up. At the same time, the interior looks 100% neat and not cluttered.

Rolling table, which is hidden for three accounts.

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