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Budget do-it-yourself decor: 15 simple ideas to help refresh the interior


Many believe that if the living space is small, then decorating it is very difficult, especially when the budget does not allow.

This is a fundamentally wrong belief.

We have collected 15 available ideas that will help refresh the interior and will not hit the wallet.

1. Cabinet for clothes and shoes

Old wooden boxes can be used to create a locker for clothes and shoes.

. Cheap wood wall

In this kitchen, wood panels from inexpensive wood were used for wall cladding.

3. Bright colors

Useful tips and great ideas for creating a bright and joyful interior.

4. Gardening facilities

Classical indoor plants are ideal for gardening small rooms.

5. Curtains to divide the space.

Curtains - the perfect solution for zoning space in any modern style.

6. Art galleries in the interior

Several original ideas for placing pictures and pictures in the interior.

7. Visual increase in space

Through the light colors and shades in the interior of the kitchen, you can visually expand the space.

8. Wooden Drawer Bedside Cabinet

A bedside table from an old wooden box with their own hands is done quite simply.

9. Furniture from old boxes with their own hands

Unusual bedside tables on wheels, which will be a real highlight of any interior.

10. Rack of drawers

The wooden rack from old boxes will harmoniously fit into an interior in style of a country.

11. Inexpensive bedside table

Correctly chosen bedside table from inexpensive wood looks with a bed as a single ensemble.

12. Shelves for storing bath accessories

Shelves of old wooden boxes that are perfect for storing shampoos and soap.

13. The wall under the plasma panel

The wall of cinder blocks can be created when this furniture was not affordable.

14. Wooden shelves for bathroom

Wooden shelves for the bathroom look original and respectable.

15. Accent elements in the interior

Bright accents in the interior of the living room.