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19 little secrets of proper food storage


19 little secrets of proper food storage

So that the products do not spoil too quickly, the leftover food could still serve, and there was always a complete order in the refrigerator, it is worthwhile to learn 19 simple life hacking from our review.

1. Perishable Products

Store perishable foods in a prominent place in a box that says "Eat me first!"

2. Sauces

Bottles with ketchups and sauces should be stored upside down in an egg carton.

3. Bottles

Use the stationery clip to lock the bottles horizontally in the fridge.

4. Green bananas

Hold the unripe bananas for a few minutes in the preheated oven so that they are ripe.

5. Ingredients for Salad

Chopped ingredients for salads can be stored in closed glass jars in layers.

6. Additional shelves

Unnecessary supports for papers can be turned into additional shelves for a freezer.

7. Vertical Freezer

In vertical freezers, food is best stored in textile bags.

8. Product hanger

From the clips can be made hangers for storing products in packages.

9. Plastic containers

Use plastic containers to sort food in the refrigerator.

10. Egg storage

To extend the shelf life of chicken eggs, grease them with vegetable oil before refrigerating.

11. Ginger

It is easy to peel the ginger with a teaspoon.

12. Cake

To prevent the cut cake from stale in the fridge, use toothpicks on the cut to secure the bread slices.

13. Fresh berries

So that the berries are not moldy, moisten them with a weak acetic solution.

14. Yellowed greens

Fold the yellowed greens in a mold for ice, cover with olive oil and freeze. These cubes are perfect for filling salads, soups and sauces.

15. Storage of onions and garlic

Perforated paper bags are perfect for storing onions and garlic.

16. Avocado

Cut the avocado will not turn black if you store it with a slice of onion.

17. Potato storage

To prevent potatoes from sprouting, they should be stored together with apples.

18. Celery and broccoli

To prolong the shelf life of celery and broccoli, keep them wrapped in foil.

19. Storing bananas

To bananas do not blacken, roll up the stalk bundles with cling film.